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How to Prevent Your Dog From Stealing Toys

Dogs love to play with toys. Unfortunately, they don’t always want to share them with other dogs. If you’ve ever seen your dog snatch a toy from another pup’s mouth and run away triumphantly, this article is for you! We’ll discuss what can make your dog less likely to steal toys in the first place, as well as how to stop him if he does start stealing.

What are Dog toys?

People often assume that dogs can have any type of toy, but this is not true. In general, dog toys are those which do not contain small parts or stuffing which your dog might eat and choke on. Some games to play with stuffed animals:

-Tug-of-War (with you holding the other end)

Hide & Seek (where you hide a favorite bone in one room while he’s out of sight; let him sniff it out!)

How Can I Stop My Dog From Stealing Toys?

Get your dog some toys so they have their own like a log rope toy.

If your pup has taken an interest in chasing another dog around for his toys, there are several things you can try to make sure he doesn’t get away with it again. The first thing is simply never leaving two dogs alone when they are both toys-obsessed. If he sees another dog playing with a toy, it is likely that your pup will get jealous and try to steal the other one for himself. It’s best not to leave them together at all if you know this might happen; instead, play fetch or go on walks so each of them can have their own individual time with you .

Another strategy is using deterrents like bitter apple spray , which makes things taste bad without being harmful to the dogs’ health. This may encourage him to stop stealing as soon as he hears the sour taste in his mouth! You could also use an anti-theft device such as “The Wobble Wag Giggle Ball” by JW Pet Company.

This ball contains a small, rattle-type toy that makes noise when it’s shaken around and may startle your dog out of his focus. The last thing you can try is to teach him the “drop” command , which can be helpful if he has already latched onto another dog’s prized possession in his mouth.

Some More techniques you can follow to prevent your dog from stealing Toys. They are-

  • Make sure your dog has plenty of toys to play with
  • Keep all the toys in one place if they are scattered around, your pup will have a harder time finding them.
  • If you have more than one dog, rotate their toys so that each dog gets a turn playing with the same toy.
  • Don’t let your pup get on furniture where they can grab and steal things like remote controls or food from tables
  • Keep dangerous objects out of reach (like knives) and make sure all trash cans are closed tight
  • Put away any items that might be tempting for pups to chew up (like shoes or towels)
  • Keep your dog’s toys in a basket on the floor
  • Play with your dog for at least 10 minutes each day to keep him stimulated and happy
  • Do not allow your dog to have free access to any room in the house, even if he has his own bed or crate there
  • If you find that one toy is more interesting than others, consider using it as a reward when training
  • Use positive reinforcement when teaching commands – don’t yell at or hit your pet


If you have a dog that likes to go on toy-stealing sprees, there are some things you can do. One way is to use your voice as a deterrent and say “leave it” when they’re about to touch the item. Another option is an audible noise maker or ultrasonic device that interrupts their behavior before they take off with the toy in question. You may also want to put away any toys that don’t belong to them so they’ll be less likely to grab one of those instead.