How to Calm a Dog Down at Night?
December 25, 2021
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Tips to Make Your New Pet Feel at Home

Pet ownership in the United States is on the rise. In fact, there are more pets than people in the United States – 378 million pets versus 290 million people.

Dogs are the most popular pets; 39 percent of U.S. households own dogs versus the 34 percent who own cats. However, cats still outnumber dogs because cat lovers tend to have multiple pets. There are 78 million pet cats in the country versus 65 million pet dogs, according to the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association.

If you’re thinking of getting a pet, it is important to pet-proof your home just as you would for a child. To ensure your pet’s safety, security and health, place all hazardous chemicals, poisonous plants and sharp objects away from temptation.

Create a special place for your new pet to feel safe and secure. This should be somewhere away from children, other pets and visitors. A special blanket and favorite toy will make your pet feel at ease.

If you invest in an air cleanser, you’ll be able to enjoy your pet’s companionship without having to put up with unpleasant odors that arise from pet stains or wet fur. Choose an environmentally friendly air cleanser that operates without chemicals, sprays or electric current and is safe to use around pets and children.

For instance, the Smellkiller Air Cleanser is a disc made of a special high-grade stainless steel alloy that neutralizes odors. Once the disc is partially immersed in water, the molecules that create odors react with the alloy, water and oxygen and disintegrate into fragments that the human nose can no longer identify as an odor.

The Smellkiller eliminates odors completely and naturally within a few hours and, as long as it remains in contact with water and air, will work continuously to keep the air fresh.

Easy to use and maintain, the disc can quickly remove odors from fresh pet stains, too. Simply rub it on the wet stain for one to three minutes. To freshen your pet’s wet fur after it has been outside in the rain, rub the disc in a circular motion over your pet’s coat and the smell will disappear.